Imaginary Office
is real.
Imaginary Office is a graphic design and communications studio founded by Esther Chak and Mary-Jo Valentino. We work with a range of nonprofit and mission-driven clients in science, technology, education, and the arts, to create web media, identities, print communications, and visual explanations. Click on the client list to see work samples, learn more about us here, and read a description of our services here.
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National Archives Foundation
Harm Reduction Conference
One Earth Designs
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The Kitchen
Lee Smolin
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Cool Roofs Toolkit
Dispensers for Safe Water
Stuart Firestein
California Environmental Associates
Harm Reduction Coalition
Ocean Conservancy
Global Heritage Fund
New York Philharmonic
The Actors Fund
Global Cool Cities Alliance
Monterey Bay Aquarium
New Urban Arts
Blue Earth Consultants
The Owlet
University of Victoria
While our new website is in construction, link to see recent web work for: Independent Consumer Advocacy Network (ICAN), The 2016 Harm Reduction Conference, and California Environmental Associates.
ICAN website

HRC Conference 2016 website

The Kitchen website

Lee Smolin website

Stuart Firestein website

A Practical Guide to Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements

New York Philharmonic Mahler banner

New York Philharmonic Annual Report website

Global Cool Cities Alliance website

Harm Reduction Coalition journal

CEA website